Holter Analyse: Delivering the services you need


Located in Belgium and founded in Boortmeerbeek, we offer a range of Holter services for hospitals and cardiologists, combining our extensive offerings with exemplary customer care to deliver the services you need.

Our comprehensive services take the hassle out of your hands, from providing the equipment if necessary to delivering an accurate and complete ECG picture. Working with Holter Analyse is a simple process that can integrate seamlessly into your organisation’s current operations. We use the most advanced and user-friendly Holter service available, utilising current technologies to deliver coded, full disclosure reports printed in your office the same day they are downloaded, providing you with additional flexibility and accessible information.

Our system is designed to offer the most complete ESG picture available, including atrial fibrillation analysis, SAECG late potentials, heart rate variability, QTc analysis and validation, pacemaker analysis, drug therapy tracking, sleep apnoea monitoring, T-wave alternans analysis and more.

More reasons to use our services

It’s not just out customer service and range of offerings that sets us apart, there are plenty of reasons to choose to work with Holter Analyse:

  • No technician or maintenance required
  • You can forget upgrade expenses – we’ll make sure you have access to the latest equipment
  • We can give you access to more monitors exactly when you need them, at no extra cost
  • All of equipment is patient friendly, convenient, and easy to use
  • We’ll replace equipment if your patient has damaged it for free
  • You’ll have access to the most sophisticated Holter ECG technology available